This is my personal blog, though much of it will reflect themes and issues which are relevant to my work (CEO of Profian, a security start-up). My interests (professional) include:

  • Confidential Computing
  • blockchain, distributed ledgers and permissioned blockchains
  • container security
  • workload and host execution security
  • “the trusted data centre”, when and how to use hybrid cloud, etc.
    • including attestation, TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments/Enclaves), architectural decisions, storage, etc.
  • NFV and telco security
  • DevSecOps
  • compliance and certification
  • impact of ML and AI on system security
  • cryptographic usage, “crypto-agility” and the impact of quantum computing
  • future trends with Open Source security and usage
  • p2p security, authentication and trust
  • IoT security
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